The ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit

The ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit

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Announcing The ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit

VB Teaching Tools is proud to annouce the new ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit is now available with many new upgrades and improvements. The new ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit has been approved by Dr. James Partington, PhD, BCBA, author of the ABLLS®-R, and comes fully stocked with all wooden puzzles, complete flashcard sets, multi color picture displays, durable fine motor and 3D object supplies. All items are labeled and coded to coincide with the tasks associated with both the ABLLS®-R (updated version) and original ABLLS® protocol.

What is the ABLLS®?
The ABLLS® is a valuable assessment tool, researched and produced by Drs. Mark Sundberg and James Partington, for parents and educators to assess their students? skill level across many key areas including:
Reinforcer Effectiveness
Visual Performance
Receptive Language
Motor Imitation
Syntax and Grammar
Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Social Interaction
Play and Leisure skills
Group Instruction
Classroom routine

The ABLLS®-R is a recent revision to the original ABLLS® that includes additional and revised task items. We have found the ABLLS® to be a vital jump start to any ABA program or language delay treatment plan. It is easy to use, has clearly defined levels of mastery, and gives examples and description of each skill. For more information on the ABLLS®-R please visit

Why do I need the ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit?
The ABLLS® assessment covers a wide variety of skill areas and gathering the numerous materials can be difficult to locate as well as costly. The ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit includes materials from more than 100 suppliers. The ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit cuts down on the multiple vendors and offers all of the materials available from one supplier, for one price, that is more economical than paying the retail rate and shipping costs from the numerous suppliers.
In addition, one criticism of the ABLLS® is the assessor may get different results depending on the materials they use each time you conduct follow-up assessments. The ABLLS®-R kit allows you to use the SAME materials each time you conduct an assessment providing more strict reliability. It also allows the assessor to have all of the materials in one location for a quicker assessment. All of the items are labeled with corresponding ABLLS® code for easy identification of the materials required.

What comes in the ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit? The kit includes;
100 miniature 3D objects and 10 category sorting kit (including furniture, food, animals, etc.)
Complete Adjective Set (3 exemplars of 9 different adjectives)
STAGES Language Builder Photo (350 flashcards) box set
STAGES Occupation box set (110)
Laminated Full Scene Picture Displays
Number line
Complete Peg and Pegboard box set
Matching 3D object set
Matching 2D to 3D object set
STAGES Matching 2D picture box set
Set of 20 wooden building blocks
Wooden Shape sorter
Pattern blocks and Design cards set
Patterning Animal box set (100)
Counting Beans (100)
String Beads box set (350)
Fine Motor Dressing Doll (zip/snap/tie/buckle/button)
Color/Cut/Paste supplies
Laminated Dry/Erase mazes
Wipe-off Handwriting board
Reading Skills and Comprehension Assessment Set including hard bound books, reading comp activities, Spelling activities, and flashcards
Clock with poseable hands
Size Seriation box set (20)
Step Seriation box set (48)
2 Sequencing Story box sets (48)
22 Wooden puzzles of varying skill levels
Wooden ring stacker
Money Set
Environmental Sounds and Flashcards Set
9 full flashcard box sets including:
Actions (35)
Emotions (48)
Associations/Go-Togethers (40)
Matching (50)
Nouns/Categories/Matching (350)
What?s Wrong/What?s Missing (68)
Alphabet (56)
Numerals (50)
Addition (104)
Subtraction (104)
Matching Sight Words (40)
Beginning Sight Words (55)
Occupations (110)
Fine Motor activities including clothespins and jars with lids

Teaching Actions DVD (including multiple examples of 20 actions)
Teaching Emotions DVD (including multiple examples of 20 emotions)

The complete ABLLS®-R and Scoring Guide

Plus a copy of Turning the Tables on Autism by Robert Schramm

All items arrive in a large rolling duffle bag with pull-out handle for easy portability.

Can I use the ABLLS®-R kit with multiple students?
All items in the kit are durable and classroom ready. While the kit can be used with multiple children, many school districts choose to have one per classroom and in some cases, one per student so that each child has their own materials marked and labeled for their individual use.

I have the original ABLLS® kit. What is difference in the ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit?

The original kit was designed to be the most economical product specifically designed for home programs or individual use. The most economic items were included to keep the cost as low as possible. Our main emphases were low cost items, the smallest quantities necessary to conduct the ABLLS® Assessment, and the smallest available size to reduce space and cost.

The ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit has been redesigned for more industrial use for more clinical and school district settings both in the United States and Internationally. All of the products included are more durable and of a higher quality than the original kit that VB Teaching Tools produced and contains full quantities such as providing the full boxed sets of manipulatives and flashcards.

It contains more durable wooden items such as classroom caliber puzzles. The kit also contains all complete flashcard box sets. The original kit had some of the flashcard sets broken down (i.e. only 10 occupations examples rather than the full boxed set of 110 because the ABLLS® only required the use of 4). In addition it now contains higher quality 3D objects and adjective supplies such as hard wooden furniture and high quality play food. Finally, some additional items have been included such as DVDs for more easily teaching ongoing actions and emotions that include teaching tips and chapter selections. The full ABLLS®-R protocol itself is also provided in each ABLLS®-R Assessment Kit and along with a highly recommended resource book Turning the Tables on Autism, by author, parent, and BCBA Robert Schramm. We are confident you will find our new kit more suitable for both the classroom and home program with many new resources.